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“It has been a great pleasure working with you to improve the Vision and Mission Statements
(VMSs) of CISCO’s strategic business units.

I am impressed by your effective communication style, the commitment you showed in this
project, your perceptiveness in assessing the shortcomings of our previous in-house efforts,
your quick grasp of the main challenges faced by our business, and of course, the quality of
your suggestions for improvements to our VMSs. The final VMSs are a definite improvement
over what we used to have.

Thank you for your important contribution. I look forward to meeting you from time to time in
the near future.”

Wee Eng Lim - Corporate Planning Manager, CISCO

“I would like to thank you for conducting the above seminar for my staff.

From the favourable feedback received, I can tell that they have found the course to be practical, useful and interesting.

They also felt that you excelled as an effective trainer who is able to encourage their participation and keep their interest high throughout the workshop.

I personally have found many benefits of the in-house workshop. First, the relaxed atmosphere
which you created, enabled an open discussion of how the company fared in its ability to project
a positive image over the phone, and many useful suggestions for improvement have been
brought up.

The staff is also now more equipped with appropriate responses for the various phone scenarios
which they encounter daily. They are responding with both the right words and the right tone of

And I appreciate most your effective approach in identifying the real needs of my staff and tailor-
ing an appropriate workshop accordingly.

Thank you and we would certainly be using your services again in the coming year.”

Albert Yeo - General Manager, Rexroth Bosch Group

“Mr Eng Whyeteck conducted a seminar for my business unit and fellow colleagues from
Eric Tan & Associates representing Great Eastern Life.

His seminar on “Phone Power—Getting the Appointment over the Phone” is a course
which I personally feel is a must for everyone. His techniques are very refreshing. His
quick wittedness and humour made the training interesting and lively.

Mr Eng has contributed greatly to the success of our production. Many of us have ex-
perienced tremendous growth in our productivity and sales since attending his seminar.

Throughout my career, I have attended many seminars, and I cannot think of anyone
who is such a powerful speaker as Mr Eng.

I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone. ”

Adrian Peh Boon Hock - Senior Manager, Great Eastern Life

“Thank you for an excellent delivery of the Customer Satisfaction program to our installers and
engineers recently.

They feedback from them was very positive. The group felt that you have done an excellent job
to get all of the participants actively involved in the class discussions. They felt that your training
sessions have provided them with lots of tips to handle the different types of customers and their
problems and complaints. This will help them to be more customer focused and meet customer
expectations better.

It has been worthwhile investment for us to go with you on this program! Thank you.”

Evelyn Wong - Regional Training Centre Manager, AT&T Singapore Pte Ltd

“1. Thank you very much for your support.

2. I am happy to inform you that with your assistance, we managed to successfully complete our Middle Management Course.

3. From the programme evaluation, our participants have given you an excellent rating. We are certain that they have learned much from you about “People Management” and we are expecting our managers to put all that they have learned into good use at their respective work places.

4. Mr Eng, as discussed, we are very satisfied with the successful completion of this programme and would therefore like to engage your professional services again in the next financial year. .”

Lim Chee Hoo - General Manager, Panasonic Asia Pacific Pte Ltd

“Thank you for conducting the Effective Listening Workshop for the Management Team of the Philips Machine Factory.

Your cool and gentleman approach to identifying the real needs of the team impressed me most. You, in your quiet ways, sized up the situation and offered an appropriate programme. Your attitude of “WIN-WIN” during the initial discussion stage was received very positively.

The team was appreciative of your workshop and had concurred that they had learned a lot and certainly encouraged to apply he principles and concepts. The participative method employed was most welcomed by the participants.

Thank you for doing a good job and would certainly use your services again when the need arises.”

Stephen Santhanaraj - Manager, Philips Singapore Pte Ltd

“Thank you for conducting the Effective Presentation course for our Asia Pacific Technical
Service Managers on 1oth and 11th June 1993.

Based on the feedback from the participants, the course was very useful and informative,
and thanks to your way of presenting it, we had a lot of fun as well.

We look forward to a one day follow up course early next year.”

R. Stein - ICI Polyurethanes

“Mr Eng has recently completed facilitation of a series of customer service courses for the non-academic staff of Ngee Ann Polytechnic. His involvement has gone beyond training and has also included the pre-course needs analysis and suggestions for follow-up action presented to our heads of departments.

From the first meeting, Mr Eng showed understanding of our needs and was instrumental in helping us to define what we meant by service improvement. His consulting method balanced well-directed questioning and sensitive listening. His suggestions fit well with our training and change objectives. He was honest in his assessment of what could and could not be done and the roles we needed to fulfill as initiators of the programme to our staff.

One of his strengths was his willingness to dialogue with us over a period of time and to gather information until our project took clear shape. His running of internal focus groups of staff was handled expertly and the results of these lent credibility to his proposed course programmes. This information was also useful for course participants.

His facilitation of the course was equally skilled, and he showed sincere interest in helping our staff define better levels of service. He is a patient and courteous person with excellent communication abilities. He truly practices what he preaches and is therefore poised to deliver superior customer service in his chosen area of professional activity.”

Gregory Hoehner - Training Manager, Ngee Ann Polytechnic

“I would like to thank you for imparting the necessary telephone technique skills to my Front line staff during the recently concluded Telephone course.

Based on the feedback gathered, it was unanimous that all participants found the course enlightening, beneficial and most important, practical. I personally have noted a dramatic improvement in the way telephone calls are currently handled.

I am sure with this success, we will definitely continute to use E-SQUARE for our future telephone training and if I may assist you in any way, please do not hesitate to contact me.”

Choe Peng Sum - Director of Rooms, Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts

“Thank you for the three workshops that you have conducted for John While Springs. A good workshop makes participants stop and think but a great workshop teaches them how to stop and think. You have done a superb job of guiding them through carefully constructed frameworks that teach how to think about the issues that limit- and provide-growth to organizations.

During the workshops, you have consistently asked relevant questions and make pertinent comments to provoke their thinking. You have also responded admirably to difficult questions posed by our management team and gained their respect. Moreover, our people embraced wholeheartedly the interactive method employed. It was unanimous that they found these workshops fun, enriching, enlightening, and most importantly, practical and thought provoking.

I have the opportunities of working with you on several in-house projects. Your proposals often represent fresh new thinking: combining the best academic principles with actual experience to arrive at value-increasing solutions. Because you are patient and are a good listener, you are able to provide insightful diagnoses of our problems and define our needs.

I truly welcome any opportunity to work with you and hereby wishing you all the best.”

Sue Yee - Finance Director, John While Springs Pte Ltd

“On behalf of all CWT staff who attended the 2-day session on “The People Management Skills Workshop”, a big THANK YOU for imparting to us very informative techniques and factual examples.

From the feedback received, you have done an excellent job. The workshop was interesting and easy to understand. The topics were very interesting and humourous. Most of the staff found the “Orange Juice Cycle” a usable idea, which enable them to think positively.

Once again, thank you for the 2 enjoyable Sundays that we had with you.”

Eileen Goh - Admin Department, CWT GLOBELINK PTE LTD