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The Communication & Relationship Management module focuses on competencies and skills that are needed for clear and effective communication, as well as to influence and persuade others.

The learning objectives are as follows:-

  • The ability to interact effectively at the workplace, so as to build better work relationships
  • The ability to be more flexible at communication so as to be able to adjust one’s style
  • The ability to negotiate and resolve conflicts, to achieve ‘win-win’ solutions
  • The ability to guide and lead others in the workplace

Course Outline

Communication at the Workplace
Being effective at communication in the work context—what does it mean? Rating your own
personal effectiveness at workplace communication.

Essentials of Communication
Do you use the right words? Do you sound right? Discovering what your voice says about you.
Are your gestures and expressions aligned with your verbal context, or do they say something
else? Learn powerful communication tactics.

Communication Profile
Discover your preferred manner of communication and its level of effectiveness. Developing tactics and strategies for communicating, influencing and motivating others.

Negotiation Skills
Find out the position from which you negotiate and understand why you’ve been losing or winning. Develop powerful negotiation skills, tactics and strategies by changing position, style
and mindset. Learn to create win-win outcomes from proven, practical tactics.

Communication Role Plays
Learn by seeing yourself in guided role plays with useful critique and tips. Role Plays include:-

  • Receiving information and instructions
  • Giving information and instructions
  • Handling emotions and objections
  • Negotiating for Win-Win Outcomes
  • Handling Manipulation

Personal Action Plan
Put together your personal action plan for being more effective at communicating and building
valuable workplace relationships!

For Whom

Support Staff

Instructional Methodology

  • Mini Lectures
  • Games & Simulations
  • Group Interaction & Discussions
  • Case Studies - External & In-House
  • Continued Access & Learning

Competency Measurement Tools

  • Pre- & Post– Tests
  • Worked Examples
  • Practical Tests

At the end of the workshop, participants should be able to

  • Understand the impact of culture influences at the workplace and the impact of team members’
  • contributions towards organizational, departmental and team goals.
  • Receive and clarify information.
  • Co-operate and network based on information.
  • Deliver excellent customer service according to ITE’s Service Standards.
  • Negotiate effectively to establish and build teamwork and workplace relationship.
  • Guide and lead others in the workplace at an operational level.


2 Days (16Hrs)