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What is the Greatest Business Strategy?

To win Customers and keep them coming back. The above is so obvious. After all, what’s more important than winning and keeping Customers. And yet as you observe your colleagues who need to serve others, does it look like they understand that all important strategy? Or does their behavior reflect that awareness?

Hence the importance of this 2-day workshop on Going the Extra Mile - so that they win and keep customers!

Program Outline

The GEMS Quiz
A self scoring quiz to identify own strengths, challenges and attitude in Going the Extra Mile; assess own competence in interpersonal skills, grooming, working in teams, etc.

The Right Mindset for Going the Extra Mile
Why Go the Extra Mile? What’s in it for me? What’s in it for the company? What does going the Extra Mile means?

Preparing to Go the Extra Mile
The Qualities and Projection of the Professional Service Person: Grooming, Communication, and the X-factor. Differentiating Internal & External customers and understanding how partnering Internal Customers is critical to provide Service Excellence for External Customers. The 3P’s in Service Excellence - People, Process & Product.

Making a First Great Impression
Tactics and strategies to make a great impression within the first 40 seconds. How to win Customer’s confidence with positive body language, choice of words and enthusiasm.

Beyond the First Impression
Tips for breaking the ice and putting Customers at ease. Giving that Great Feeling and understanding what customers want. Making them feel like a “billion” dollars and making them
feel that you’re a one-stop Problem Solving centre.

Understanding Extra Mile
Tools for Going the Extra Mile. (These tools will help your people identify specific work situations where and how they can go the extra mile)

  • Customer Eye-Q
  • 110% Service Table
  • The Service Equation
  • The Appreciation Table

Extra Mile Interactions
Making the Customer Feel Welcomed and Important throughout the visit and patronage. Making value added suggestion, helping the customer to decide and buy, closing the sale and make the customer feel we appreciate the sale or visit.

Dissatisfied Customers
Strategies and tactics for handling dissatisfied customers, creating learning lessons so that it doesn’t happen again.

Action Plan
Developing a personal action plan for Going the Extra Mile.

Learning Outcomes

Participants will be able to:-

  • Describe the importance and benefits of going the extra mile service for themselves and the
  • Define internal and external customers and explain how their service to internal customers can impact the organization’s overall service to external customers
  • Demonstrate good personal grooming, while projecting confidence when dealing with
  • Show methods of being attentive to customers while using customer friendly language
  • Distinguish between routine service standards and going the extra mile
  • Choose and take appropriate actions to go the extra mile
  • Perform service recovery in a calm and professional manner
  • Review the effects of going the extra mile

For Whom

Frontline & Support Staff

Instructional Methodology

• Mini Lectures
• Games & Simulations
• Group Interaction & Discussions
• Case Studies - External & In-House
• Continued Access & Learning


2 Days (16Hrs)