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This module on Problem Solving & Decision Making goes beyond the usual scope of outlining a problem, finding its cause, generating and evaluating alternatives as well. Participants will practice and acquire creative thinking tools and learn how to think out of the box. It also incorporates the critical step of taking responsibility and action for the ideas
and problem analysis.

It has the following main learning objectives:-

  • To be more proactive by recognizing early symptoms to a problem, scoping and analyzing the
    problem, identifying causes and considering further impacts to the problem. And to delegate, involve or collaborate with direct reports, fellow colleagues, etc to begin acting upon the problem

  • To think more analytically as well as innovatively solutions for the problem. This covers the
    ability to generate solutions and obtain critical information and create links between them, thinking logically as well as in a creative vein.

  • To take charge and to take responsibility by takingconcrete steps towards solving the problem.

Course Outline

What is the Problem?
Solve problems by not just simply removing the symptoms, but by identifying and removing root causes. Differentiate between Problems, Symptoms, Causes and Effects. Cause Analysis Tools—different tools for different kinds of problems, viz technical problems, process problems, both micro and macro issues covered.

Putting Creative Thinking to Work
Powerful techniques and tools for generating ideas using both divergent (brainstorming) and convergent (focus) approaches. Tapping into your creative imagination.

Making a Decision & Taking Responsibility for It
Discover how you make decisions and how it affects the people in your department or organization. Learn to use Decision making tools such as criteria table, weighted tables, decision trees, etc to improve your decision making. Decision Making processes for many real life situations both in the personal and professional life. Find out what are the critical issues to
consider before making that decision in your organization.

Group Problem Solving
Discover powerful techniques for tapping into the potential of your team members. Learn about their thinking styles and how you are able to create synergy from the different styles of thinking.

Personal Action Plan
Put together a personal 30-day action plan to solve problems better and faster, make quicker and more effective decisions, and learn to take charge and take responsibility for decision making!

Compliments Other ESS Modules!

This module compliments seamlessly the other ESS modules. For instance, problems arise in many areas of Communication and Relationship Management, Personal Effectiveness or Health and Workplace Safety. Then again, Problem Solving & Decision Making requires information processing, literary skills, etc in order to execute effective Problem Solving tactics and skills.

Instructional Methodology

  • Mini Lectures
  • Games & Simulations
  • Group Interaction & Discussions
  • Case Studies - External & In-House
  • Continued Access & Learning

Competency Measurement Tools

  • Pre- & Post– Tests
  • Worked Examples
  • Practical Tests
  • Questionnaires


2 Days (16Hrs)