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At E-Square, we have been helping companies solve their people problems with
exceptional results, since 1990.

Our Mission
To help corporate realize the potential of their human capital
through change and learning using innovative approaches.

Our Values
People make the Difference: The business of companies is to
grow people. It’s always a people business

Diversity is Key: We believe that it’s the difference that makes
the Difference!

Fun, Creativity & Learning: We are committed to providing
training solution through creativity and learning.

The Problem is Not the Problem. The People is the Problem! Many people will tell you that.
And they're quite right, too!

Your People problem will include:-

  • attitude problem - why bother, who cares...
  • no idea problem - don't know how, absolutely clueless
  • communication problem - can't find the right words, don't know what to say...
  • customer service problem - angry & demanding customers who want everything now!
  • management problem - due to employees who are stubborn, have no initiative and couldn't care less.