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Redzuana Abdullah  is the an  Associate Trainer of ESQUARE.  She  has  more than 10 years of training experience in the areas of Interpersonal Skills,  Service Excellence, Executive Personal development, etc.

Redz passionate to reach out to audiences started out in her early years when she was talented scouted by AKS Talent Management for the world famous Disney’s shows and have been exposed at an early age to  performing, hospitality management, hosting and events management..  Interestingly, her subsequent development was in the area of hard technical skills, where she earned her degree in IT from Monash University. She also has diplomas in Computer Studies, Business Administration and Marketing.

In technical experience, Redz has worked as IT Specialist Engineer and has managed ISO 9000 Audit, written technical Operations manuals, SOPs.  The “people side” of her experience sees her being Event Presenter for road shows, event launches with Walt Disney, Courts, HPB, Citibank, etc

Now,  Redz has returned to what she likes most and does best – reaching out to people and helping to reach their peak performance. She is ACTA trained and has conducted the various  ESS modules such as CRM, PE, I&E, PSDM, etc.