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Center for Creative Leadership (CCL) is one of the top Leadership Training institute. It  specializes in Leadership development  in the most unique way through  an exclusive focus on leadership education and research and unparalleled expertise in solving the leadership challenges of individuals and organizations everywhere.
We are certified for the following CCL assessment tools:-

Benchmarks® - Overview
A comprehensive 360-degree assessment tool for experienced managers that measures 16 skills and perspectives critical for success, as well as, five possible career derailers. Benchmarks offers an in-depth look at development by assessing skills developed from a multitude of leadership experiences, identifying what lessons may yet to be learned and helping the executive determine what specific work experiences need to be sought out in order to develop critical skills for success

Through the Benchmarks process, participants:

  • Learn how others perceive their strengths and development needs.
  • Learn how they compare with similar managers in other organizations.
  • Focus on skills and perspectives critical to being effective and successful.
  • Design a plan that links needs to specific developmental experiences.

Special Features

  • Provides normative comparison of results with other successful managers
  • Provides ratings for both importance and competence
  • Provides information on potential career derailers
  • Offers a Development Learning Guide, helping participants focus feedback and develop a strategy for change
  • Available in multiple languages
  • FYI For Your Improvement™ Translator available

SKILLSCOPE® - Overview


A straightforward 360-degree feedback tool that assesses 15 key job-related skills essential for managerial success.


  • SKILLSCOPE provides insightful feedback on job-related strengths and weaknesses.
  • Feedback is provided in a clear, graphic format, enabling participants to quickly assess strengths and development needs.
  • Participants receive a workbook-style Development Planning Guide, which helps them analyze their feedback report, identify developmental needs and set an action plan for long-term development.

Special Features

  • Simple, graphic rating scale makes SKILLSCOPE feedback straight forward and easy to understand.
  • Time efficient - SKILLSCOPE takes 20-30 minutes to complete.
  • Comprehensive Group Profile available.
  • Available in multiple languages including: German, Dutch, Spanish, UK English, French, Italian and Simplified Chinese

KEYS® to Creativity – Overview


KEYS is an organizational survey that assesses the climate for creativity and innovation that exists in a work group, division or organization. It measures specific management practices that impact the work environment.


The KEYS assessment tool:

  • Measures specific management practices that impact innovation.
  • Quantifies how productivity and creativity are perceived across an organization.
  • Compares an organization's innovative climate with organizations in the KEYS normative group, providing a benchmark for improvement.
  • Informs development of an action plan, based on hard data, to improve the innovative culture within and across businesses

We are also certified to use:-

Conflict Dynamics Profile ( CDP)
The CDP-360 is a multi-rater version of the CDP that is available in both paper/pencil and online formats. People who take the CDP-360 receive a feedback report and a development guide.
The CDP-360 produces a complete "conflict profile" by providing feedback on:

  • what provokes an individual (Hot Buttons)
  • how that individual perceives the way s/he typically responds to conflict
  • how others view that individual responding to conflict
  • how the individual responds before, during and after conflict
  • which responses to conflict have the potential to harm one's position in a particular organization

Feedback Report
The CDP-360 Feedback Report presents results in text form as well as in clear, understandable tables and graphs. The 22-page Feedback Report includes the following:

Active-Constructive Response Profile
Four ways of responding to conflict which require some effort on the part of the individual, and which have the effect of reducing conflict: Perspective Taking, Creating Solutions, Reaching Out, and Expressing Emotions.

Passive-Constructive Response Profile
Three ways of responding to conflict which have the effect of dampening the conflict, or preventing escalation, but which do not require any active response from the individual: Reflective Thinking, Delay Responding, and Adapting.

Active-Destructive Response Profile
Four ways of responding to conflict which through some effort on the part of the individual have the effect of escalating the conflict: Winning at All Costs, Displaying Anger, Demeaning Others, and Retaliating.

Passive-Destructive Response Profile
Four ways of responding to conflict which due to lack of effort or action by the individual cause the conflict to either continue, or to be resolved in an unsatisfactory manner: Avoiding, Yielding, Hiding Emotions, and Self-Criticizing.

Scale Profile
How one's typical responses during conflict are viewed by his/her boss, peers, and direct reports.

Discrepancy Profile
The particular responses to conflict on which one's self-perceptions and those of others differ most markedly.

Dynamic Conflict Sequence
How constructively and destructively one responds to conflict before it begins, while it is underway, and after it is over.

Organizational Perspective on Conflict
The particular responses to conflict which are especially discouraged in one's organization; regularly engaging in these responses can have severe negative effects for one's career.

Hot Buttons Profile
The types of people and situations most likely to irritate the individual and provoke conflict.

The Big Five Profile 4.0™ is a personality assessment based on the Five-Factor Model of Personality, the current standard for psychologists. With only 107 questions, busy workers find WorkPlace easy to complete online in 10 – 15 minutes.  WorkPlace is written in straightforward language specifically for business applications:

  • Team building
  • Leadership development
  • Performance coaching
  • Job Selection and hiring
  • Succession planning
  • Management/supervisory training
  • Career development
  • Sales training
  • Conflict management

WorkPlace is a normative test and can be used for job selection; many commercially well-known assessments are not suitable for job selection. WorkPlace’s coefficient alpha of .83 is among the highest of all assessments.

WorkPlace is:

  • Reliable: Extremely reliable compared to available personality inventories
  • Acceptable: High acceptance of personal results by those tested
  • Respected: Based upon the most widely respected personality model in the personality research community at the present time
  • Valid: Established predictive validity across a variety of jobs
  • Uncomplicated : No theory to understand; a clear vocabulary of individual similarities and differences
  • Compatible: Serves as a road map to major theories of personality

Using WorkPlace for team building
Participants learn about themselves, their teammates, and how to improve communication and teamwork with others including customers, vendors, etc. 

Participants learn:

  • About their unique personality profile
  • Where individuals on the team may conflict
  • Which team members have similar personality traits
  • Tolerance of differences
  • Communication strategies
  • Influencing strategies
  • The strengths each individual brings to the team in different situations
  • The benefits of seeking different viewpoints
  • Various team-related models

Using WorkPlace for leadership development
Participants learn about how their profile is different than and similar to a typical leader profile and what this means for them.

Participants learn:

  • About their unique personality profile
  • The typical leader profile
  • Customizing a leader profile to their industry, company, or department
  • Strategies to compensate where they differ from the leader profile
  • Various leadership models

Using WorkPlace for coaching
When personality traits are combined with performance information, you can capitalize on strengths, determine effective training, and strategize on how to compensate.

Participants learn:

  • About their unique personality profile
  • Competencies that are energizing, natural, somewhat natural, draining, and outside of comfort zone for them
  • How their personality profile supports and hinders job performance
  • How to capitalize on strengths
  • What competencies require training or support
  • What competencies require compensating strategies

Using WorkPlace for selection and succession planning
Companies define a target profile for a specific job, then assess candidates against it.  This is a crucial part of the selection process along with critical behavioral interviewing, reference checking, IQ testing, and others.

By selecting the right people for the right role, companies:

  • Reduce attrition
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce on-the-job stress
  • Increase employee satisfaction and morale
  • Use training dollars effectively
  • Reduce absenteeism

The book , first published in Sep 2000, is in its third reprint. It is available at most leading bookstores and moving fast.
Our Selling Price : SGD$ 16 nett per book
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Read this book and it will help you to:-

  • Discover the hidden potential of your brain and make it work for you.
  • Improve your memory. Recall easily and accurately:-
    • What you read
    • A 50 digit number!
    • Chinese Characters
  • Analyze problems quicker and solve them with better results
  • Improve your IQ
  • Present your thoughts clearly
  • Discover what Eye-Q is and how it can improve your thinking—creatively and logically
  • Acquire skills to unleash the creative genius within you
  • Generate ideas for improving your business


Praises for “The Thinking Skills”

An indispensable handbook for anyone searching for a paradigm shift from the regimental norms of measuring intelligence. The Thinking Skills provides the edge one needs to think out of the book"

Dr Richard Eu, Chairman,
Community Chest– Singapore

 This book is comprehensive and most suitable for those who want to succeed in the knowledge based economy. It is packed with powerful and pragmatic tips on how to be more

Dr Charlie In    

Published by Prentice-Hall in Jan 2003, this book has been moving fast in most major book stores. It is also available at even sold out on-line. It  has been translated into Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, etc  and making its round globally.

This book describes the paradoxes and contradictions of human    behaviour in organizations, resulting what is stupid or absurd management.

For ordering, please click here
Here are some insights in Hell@Work

  • Why people invest so much of their lives working and end up hating it.
  • Why people do the things they do
  • Rise of stupid management
  • Impact of Corporate Values
  • Smart secrets of Service  Excellence
  • When change can be a fate worse than death
  • Why people who work for you constantly drive you up the wall


Praise for Hell@Work

"A MUST HAVE book for those who are serious about learning people management and customer service. Reading the book is likened to attend a LIVE seminar in the comfort of your home. The unique writing style sets it apart from most other texts on similar subjects"

Mr Michael Chong, FCPA, Assistant Director, 
Financial Services & Admissions, Singapore General Hospital

"Whyeteck is a humourous, insightful and captivating writer. In this most recent book, he has successfully given the reader a better understanding on how to cope with the pressures of the working environment with creative and  innovative thinking. I wish I had read this book earlier!"

Mr Roy Neighbour, District Judge
Subordinate Courts