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Everyday, we feed ourselves and we dress ourselves, And yet, the more important thing about developing ourselves, is often neglected on a daily basis.

This 2-day workshop is helps you become more aware of the true meaning of Learning and Developing yourself on the job. It will equip you with the skills and knowledge to identify your learning needs and style, develop learning methods and strategies, etc.

Program Outline

Learning Competency Quiz
A self scoring quiz for identifying own strengths, challenges & aptitude in learning and personal development. It helps identify specific areas of learning for this 2-day workshop

What is Learning?
Memorizing and studying for exams defined learning in school. What is learning at the workplace? What is the meaning of Growing on the Job?

Lifelong Learning
The concept of Lifelong Learning. Trends in today’s job market and organizations that make learning critical for success. Moving the manufacturing economy to knowledge based economy and the learning economy. Resources, facilities and references for Lifelong learning

Blue Print for Learning

  • Setting Learning Goals Define clear goals for Learning
    Differentiating awareness, skills, knowledge and attitude.
  • Identifying Gaps
    Finding evidence of learning gaps using self analysis, feedback or checklist
  • Generating Learning Strategies & Methods
    Understanding own learning style and choosing a method and strategy best suited for learning.
  • Monitoring Progress
    Breaking down into learning milestones, identifying offtracking and getting back onto track;
    motivating oneself & perseverece.

Learning Styles Profiling Tools
includes description & awareness of various profiling tools such as DISC, MBTI, Firo-B, RAPT etc. How to link learning profiles with job performance, challenges and personal development.

Zapping & Transferring Knowledge
Tactics and strategies for identifying and transfer of skills, knowledge and attributes across jobs. Case examples

Learning from Others
Being aware that people all around us is a rich resource of knowledge and learning; Identifying what to learn and from who. Tactics and skills of establishing rapport and learning goals with others, enhancing the learning process and identifying evidences of having learned from others.

Helping Others to Learn
Helping others to become more aware of gaps in their learning and skills. Tactics and strategies for sharing knowledge and skills. Establishing a conducive environment for learning; inspiring & motivating other to learn; handling fear and uncertainty; overcoming resistance, etc.

Writing on the Wall
What media tells us and the implication of the information for Learning and Personal Development

Change & Learning
Being aware that Change outdates knowledge and skills constantly. Coping and Managing Change with Learning & Personal Development

Action Plan
Putting together a personal action plan for learning & development

This Work shop Will Help Your People to

  • Become more aware of the true meaning of Learning and embrace the concept of Lifelong
  • Be clearer about personal learning needs on the job
  • Identify their personal learning style and be able to develop more appropriate learning methods and strategies
  • Practice and become more competent at learning from Others and helping Others to Learn
  • Be more aware of the implication of information coming from the media, on the need to
    constantly learn and develop themselves
  • Be more aware that Change constantly outdate their skills and knowledge & develop tactics
    and strategies to keep abreast of Change.
  • Put together an action plan for Lifelong learning and positive growth on the job

For Whom

Support Staff

Instructional Methodology

  • Mini Lectures
  • Games & Simulations
  • Group Interaction & Discussions
  • Case Studies - External & In-House
  • Continued Access & Learning


2 Days (16Hrs)