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  Master Trainers
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Professional Credentials

Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA)
Certificate of Chinese Proficiency—Advanced Level (Beijing, China)

Appointed Presiding Examiner, Invigilator, Setter and Modulator (BEST)

Certified Industry Trainer of Institute of Technical Education (ITE)
National Skills Recognition System (NSRS) Assessor

Professional Experience

Khng is a veteran on training, coaching and teaching with nearly 30 years versatile experience. His audience include students, working adults, inmates and the retrenched workers. Khng is
also an experienced versatile bi-lingual trainer cum translator

Lecturing Experience

Comfort Transport Pte Ltd—Trainer for “Excellent Host” & “Handle Difficult Situation” courses (Skills Redevelopment Program)

MDIS— Tutor under the school tuition scheme (Mendaki)

Asian School of Education—Lecturer on Basic English Literacy courses (Inmates)

Cyberland Learning Centre—Trainer for “Increase Productivity”, “Reduce Waste” and “Customer

WDA—Trainer on “Employability Camp” and “Work Preparation Workshop” - customers include
Maxtor, Adaptec, Panasonic, SBST and National Park etc.

WDA—Trainer for WSQ on “Provide Gems Service” - customer includes SBS Transit’s Bus Cap-
tains, Comfort Delgro for taxi drivers 2006, NEA (customers interaction with customers)

WDA—ESS courses on Communications & Relationship Management (CRM) and Workplace
Literacy (WPL)